Biomass Energy

Biomass is a renewable energy source, generated from burning wood, pellets, wood chips and logs and using this to generate heat.

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Save money on your heating with a Biomass Boiler

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Biomass boilers use an unlimited source of material to run the heating and hot water system. By choosing a biomass boiler, you will notice significantly less monetary monthly outgoings - especially in larger homes or farms where you may spend a lot on fuelling your electric or gas boiler. Southern Energy Solutions supply and install biomass boilers. Biomass boilers can be used to create heat throughout your home or premises.

Biomass boilers are an environmentally friendly alternative to oil or gas boilers. They are extremely long lasting, versatile and sustainable. They are most suited to large properties and are perfect for oil boiler replacements.

How do biomass boilers work?

Biomass boiler utilise organic matter such as wood, wood chips, pellets or logs as fuel. It works by burning the intended fuel and creating heat that is connected to your central heating and hot water system. For the boiler to operate, it requires fuel which can be fed automatically or manually depending on your preference and budget.

There are benefits to each unique type of biomass fuel. Let’s take a look at which biomass boiler fuel will work for your home:

Wood Chips – These are small chips of wood which vary in size. They are relatively cheap but are not as efficient as pellets. They are suitable for heating large buildings. Wood chips and pellets can be used in an automated system which uses a hopper.

Wood Pellets – These are made from compacted sawdust, wood shavings and are the most popular choice. They provide great efficiency and are a reliable fuel.

Wood logs – These require feeding by hand into the biomass boiler. They are an affordable option, but you need a lot of logs to reach satisfactory heat levels. You can gain more control over the fuel input with this option. These are suitable for large properties with suitable storage space.

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What are the benefits of a biomass boiler?

  • An affordable heating option – The price of wood fuel is significantly less than other heating options. Compared to an electric system, you could save up to £700 per year.
  • Low carbon solution – When the wood is burned, the amount of carbon dioxide emitted is the same amount that is absorbed over the months and years that the plant was growing. The process is sustainable – there are far less emissions from fossil fuels.
  • Renewable Heat Incentive – This UK Government scheme offers financial incentives for property owners who use renewable heat technologies. You could receive annual payments from the government.

About Southern Energy Solutions

We can find a biomass boiler to suit your requirements and budget perfectly. We work with all clients – domestic and commercial.

We care about finding sustainable solutions for our clients. Testament to this is the fact that we are aiming to become carbon neutral as a company by 2025. We can help you find an energy saving solution which will reduce your carbon footprint. We are here to help you with any associated paperwork and ensure you have the right servicing and maintenance package in place.

Discuss your options with a member of our knowledgeable team today! Just get in touch and we would be happy to help.

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The Renewable Heat Incentive

The government-backed Renewable Heat Incentive is a financial incentive to promote and encourage the use and uptake of renewable heat technologies. If you are eligible for the incentive you will receive payments over a period of seven years for the amount of clean, green renewable heat your technology produces. For more information on the incentive please contact the Southern Energy Solutions team.

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