October 16, 2020

Combi Boiler Installation Cost?

How Much Does a New Combi Boiler Actually Cost?
A combi boiler, wall mounted in a lovely warm home

Reading this blog will only take 5 minutes out of your day but could save you hundreds of pounds. Your combi boiler cost is mainly down to the quality of company chosen. Therefore, reading this could avoid you making the big mistake of picking the wrong boiler installation company.

We are based in Bexhill so we can give you a free quote for all new boiler installations across the county in towns including Hastings,  Uckfield, Eastbourne, Battle, Brighton, Rye, Crowborough etc.

Let’s begin!

1) What Type Of Central Heating System You Currently Have?

When you want a new combination boiler installed, the existing system that is in place can make a huge difference to what the new system will cost. If you are converting your system you will not only occur the cost of the new combi boiler installation. All of the water pipes, and gas feed will have to be installed possibly in a different location.

If you have no existing central heating system then you would also incur the cost of having the pipework installed throughout your home. This would mean having a central heating installation and not just a boiler replacement/ upgrade.

2) Quality of The New Boiler

There are some reputable manufacturers of boilers who make great boilers and some that are not so great. When getting your quotes, ask the engineer to specify the manufacturer of the boiler they intend to install. This could make a huge difference to the price that you’re quoted. The higher quality boilers will generally perform better. They are more energy efficient, have far less boiler breakdowns and stand the test of time

Some of the more reputable manufacturers of boilers include ATAG, Veissmann, Valiant and Worcester.

3) Size Of Your Property

If you live in a large house with multiple bathrooms, showers kitchens and so on you will need a boiler capable of meeting the demands of the system. You should keep this in mind when comparing prices to friends and family whose heating demands may not have been so great.

If you are a particularly heavy user you may also want to consider a sealed hot water pressurised system. This has most of the benefits of a new combi boiler. It also has the added extra of having a hot water storage- there will always be hot water in the busiest periods.The boiler will also be required to heat far more radiators in large properties.

4) Site Of Your New Boiler

Lofts and airing cupboards are great places to install your new boiler and are a real space saver. There could be some real benefits by reciting your boiler out of site.

Obviously when the boiler moves all the pipes need to move too. As well as an electrical supply so this will affect the cost of your new boiler installation.

5) Where Are You Geographically Located

This seems an obvious one but your location within the UK will affect the cost of your new combi boiler. Cost of living, parking arrangements and competitors pricing will all have an effect.

I wanted to get this one in here with so many companies advertising new “boiler installations from….” . If you live in a more busy or affluent part of the country you should expect to pay more than advertised.

7) VAT Registered Or Not

This is something that not everyone is always aware of. We have clients that expect their traders to charge VAT on every transaction. But not all companies are registering for VAT? Meaning that they do not have to charge VAT (currently 20% as of 22/10/18). They have most likely not met the annual turnover VAT threshold where it comes compulsory.

With savings of up to 20% possible on your installation this can obviously make a big difference on the price. Usually sole traders only will have a definite edge in terms of pricing than the VAT registered boiler installation company.

Information on current VAT legislation from HRMC can be found on the link.

8) Speed Of Service – Company Size

Naturally the size of the company and how many engineers they have can affect this. The geographic area they serve could affect the speed and efficiency of the boiler installation.

Here at Southern Energy Solutions we actually guarantee a same day call out with our boiler servicing plans. We can do this as we have numerous vans, great staff and full time office staff. This is why we consider ourselves “The Efficient Boiler Installation Company”. Not just in Hastings and Bexhill but across the South East, hence our company name.

9) Length of Guarantee/ Warranty

Our 10 year guarantee on all new boiler installation sells itself. Our customers like the idea and peace of mind that this brings. We can do this as we have a close relationship with the boiler manufacturer and are officially ATAG and Worcester certified installers. They know we will install their boilers and heating systems as intended. They are confident in their own product so they are prepared of offer such a long warranty.

We have been in the plumbing and heating sector for many years. During this time we have seen occasions where the boiler had to be condemned after a short period of time. This could be because the boiler hasn’t been installed properly. Other times it’s just been because the boiler itself has failed. In each of those instances the poor customer wished that had a longer warranty in place and maintained their boiler with annual servicing.

Please just let me take this opportunity to advise you that we do boiler servicing plans which start at £6 per month. So if you’re looking of peace of mind and looking for boiler servicing in East Sussex please do get in touch.

10) How Good The Boiler Engineer Is

Generally you can’t just command a higher rate with little evidence that you’re worthy of the higher price tag. In order to do this the engineer would have of had a proven track record of our completely boiler installations. They will also work to the highest standard over a long period of time.

Sure, you may find the younger company is able to install you a boiler that costs less. But consider the likelihood that something can go wrong which can be catastrophic in relation to gas work. You should always employ the highest skilled tradesmen you can afford. As a minimum standard you should ensure that your installer or fitter is Gas Safe Registered. This is a legal requirement here in the UK, formerly Corgi registered. But you could also do a bit of research on the company for online reviews. Also ask to see examples of previous work and accreditations that they may have.

11) Qualifications, Memberships & Certifications

There are a multitude of different plumbing qualifications, memberships and certification schemes out there.

There are organisations such as Checkatrade.com who act as a third party and offer the customer an opportunity to leave public feedback of the boiler installation company. You will also be able to see reviews of that company from past customers. The benefits for that company are that they have an opportunity to set themselves apart from the crowd. They also open themselves up for constant monitoring of their trading performance, although it’s not always the case but typically only confident, qualified and able plumbing & heating companies would open themselves to constant monitoring as lots of bad reviews could easily affect their business.

Trading Standards will check the plumbing companies trading practices to see that they are doing everything they should legally. They also check if they are operating and trading to the letter of the law, offering further peace of mind for the consumer. The Buy With Confidence scheme has been abandoned in East Sussex and Kent. Checkatrade are now taking responsibility of this but this in our region.

There also some plumbing specific plumbing memberships such as APHC & CIPHE along with several more each offering different benefits to the end consumer. Generally, as an absolute minimum to be a member of any professional trade organisation requires adequate public liability insurance. The reason I have included this within the article as this can ultimately affect the boiler installation price you have been quoted, even just a little bit.

11) New Combi Boiler Installation Quotes In East Sussex

If you have read this article and just want an accurate quote for new heating system and are based in East Sussex, get in touch today!  We will be delighted to arrange for a boiler engineer to come out and give you a quote.

Contact us for a free quote by clicking here.

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