October 16, 2020

Hastings Solar Water Heating

Solar powered energy options, especially solar water heating, are becoming incredibly popular across the globe
Solar panels on roof

Solar powered energy options, especially solar water heating, are becoming incredibly popular across the globe, and experts are claiming that by 2022 there will be 10 million homes using solar panelled energy solutions in the UK. In Hastings, it is growing in popularity.

Heating water can be incredibly expensive and can take up a whopping 18% of your energy bill. From just that alone you can see how damaging it can be to both the environment and your wallet.

So, what is solar panelled water heating and how does it work?

Solar panelled water heating is a heating system that generates its energy from the sun!

Solar water panels can be installed on your roof. Each tube contains fluids that collect the thermal energy from the sun. The tubes then pass it through a heat exchanger transferring the collected heat to your water.

The top 4 benefits of solar powered water heating:

  1. Once your solar panels are installed, solar heating costs you nothing! Even in cloudy weather solar heating will still function efficiently and generate heated hot water for your home.
  2. Solar water heating lowers your carbon footprint! Solar water heating is a natural resource making it eco-friendly!
  3. Solar water heating is reliable and efficient.
  4. Solar water heating will protect you from rising energy costs!

How can we help you save on your water bill?

We are always looking for ways to save our clients’ money. We are proud to announce that we can supply and install solar panelled water heating systems! We can provide solar energy solution throughout Hastings and the East Sussex area. Contact us for a free no obligation quote and to discuss whether solar panels are a good fit for your home.

Heat your Hastings home with solar water heating!

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