October 16, 2020

New Bathroom Design Ideas

So… you’re looking for ideas to change up the look and feel of your bathroom?
A beautiful modern bathroom

It’s only natural that you want the room you start and end your day in to be as comfortable, practical and pretty as possible. Done right, your new bathroom could be your own personal haven. A space away from the troubles and strife of day-to-day life.

So how should you go about it?

Space Exploration

We’re not talking intergalactic travel here – how much room is there?

As a general rule in the UK, bathrooms are commonly known as “the smallest room in the house”. But this doesn’t mean they have to feel small.

An open-plan design will make your bathroom feel large, so avoid unnecessary furniture and sectioned areas.

Consider using wall-mounted basins, toilets and cupboards to minimise floor space usage. Additional benefits of units like these are that they hide pipework which can protrude into a room.

Shower, Bath or both?

On the subject of space, obviously your big-ticket items in a bathroom are the bathtub and shower, and these are the ones that usually take up the most space.

Walk-in showers or ‘wet rooms’ save space on shower tray installations and they make cleaning a hell of a lot easier.

However, if you’re one of those people that simply can’t be without their bubble baths then you could consider a shower-bath combo. These solutions offer space for showering at one end without making laying down in the bath uncomfortable. Glass bath screens also protect your bathroom from splashing!

Colour me impressed

Colour is key when considering the look of your bathroom.

Monochrome black-and-white remains a hugely popular choice for bathrooms as it exudes modernism and moody tone.

However, neutral decor or ‘griege’ colours like white, grey and warm brown are still loved by homeowners. These are often complimented by natural and organic effects like aged flooring, wooden furniture and matte finishes.

Flawless walls and floors

Floor to ceiling tiles in bathrooms have shot up in popularity in recent times because they are so easy to clean and maintain. Match these with your chosen colour palette to achieve the most synergetic feel.

For example, combine dark matte grey wall and ceiling tiles with concrete or wooden flooring and your bathroom will have the perfect combination of modern and rustic look, whilst having the added benefit of minimal maintenance necessary!

For that extra dash of comfort, you could even consider underfloor heating…

Functional, fitted furniture

Looking for more space-saving tricks? Your choice of bathroom furniture can be minimalistic in style and size – for example using free-standing shelves for your toiletries.

A vanity cabinet can be a great way of storing all the products, perfumes and pastes you use to pamper yourself in the mornings. The built-in mirror eliminates the need to run back and forth from the bedroom to toilet when getting ready.

If you are a couple living in your dream home, maybe it’s time to consider a “his and hers” bathroom layout – with matching basins and double-ended baths.

Let there be light…

In the quest to make bathrooms as homely and comforting as possible one critical element gets overlooked more than most – lighting.

Go too bright, and your bathroom ends up looking like a dental practice. Go too dark, and you won’t be able to see what make-up you’re putting on and where.

For overhead lights, evenly positioned LED spotlights and downlights will give a clean, bright light. Complement these with additional vanity lighting above your mirrors or in your basin and your bathroom won’t be the only thing looking fresh – this will offer a softer light that makes shaving and putting on make-up even easier!

Is your head now swimming with ideas for your new bathroom?

Let’s start bringing your dream bathroom to life! Call us for a free design consultation on 01424 200005 or contact us here.

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