October 19, 2020

Weird and Wonderful Plumbing Facts

Fun facts you didn’t know about plumbing!
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  1. The average person spends at least THREE YEARS of their life sitting on the toilet! It is probably no surprise, therefore, that this is a fairly common place to discover deceased people – there’s even a list on Wikipedia!
  2. If you have a leaky tap, and it drips at least twice per minute, you’re wasting a GALLON of water each week.
  3. Your boiler accounts for 60% of your households annual energy costs. How efficient they are has a HUGE impact on your yearly outgoings. Book a boiler service to ensure your boiler is running efficiently.
  4. The world plumber comes from the Latin word ‘plumber’ which means lead.
  5. Albert Einstein was made an honorary member of the Plumbers and Steamfitters Union after he said he would be a plumber if he had to live his life all over again.
  6. Standardised plumbing dates back to 3000 B.C.
  7. Ozzy Osbourne was a plumber’s apprentice before he entered the music industry.
  8. Tywin Lannister was killed by his son while sat on the toilet in Game of Thrones. King George II died falling off the toilet. Elvis Presley had a heart attack while doing the business. Keep safe out there, people!
  9. There is often a surge in water use during the half time of major England football international matches. First for the kettle, second for the toilet.
  10. Thomas Crapper did not invent the flushing toilet. He was an innovator in plumbing, as well as an important plumber’s merchant, who owned the world’s first bathroom and toilet showroom in Chelsea, England. He, or his company, developed the ball cock and did much to make flushing toilets popular in Victorian London.
  11. The word ‘crap‘ actually pre-dates John Crapper by some time. It is a myth that the slang term is derived from his name. In fact ‘crap’ is a middle-English word (post-Norman Conquest – 1066). The most likely derivation is the French word ‘crappe’, meaning waste, or rejected matter.
  12. The Romans referred to the lavatory as the ‘necessarium’, the ancient Egyptians called it the ‘house of the morning’, and in Tudor England, it was called the ‘privy’ or the ‘house of privacy’, similar to the Israeli ‘house of honour’. The medieval French, on the other hand, were much more direct, referring to the loo as the ‘smelly room’.
  13. More than 40,000 litres of water is wasted every year by households waiting for the temperature to change! Those extra seconds you wait for the hot water tap to start running warm water really do add up.
  14. The myth that water travels down the drain clockwise in the southern hemisphere and counter-clockwise in the northern hemisphere isn’t true – the direction of the waterflow depends on the position of the bowl’s rim jets.
  15. An 8-minute shower uses more water than a bath.

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