Electric Vehicle Charging Points

Electric cars are seeing a significant increase in popularity due to the government's new incentive to push ‘go electric’.

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An electric car being charged by an electric power point

No more delays waiting in the petrol station to fuel your car, you can in fact charge your electric vehicle at your home or place of work - as long as there is an EV charging point available. Like your smart phone, you can plug your electric vehicle in at night and it will be charged and ready for the next day. Convenient, cost-effective and kinder to the environment.

Electric cars are seeing a significant increase in popularity due to the governments new incentive to push ‘go electric’. Offering drivers considerable money saving benefits with zero road tax, as well as being kinder to the environment by reducing emissions, electric vehicles offer a whole range of individual benefits.

EV Charging Point Installers

Southern Energy Solutions provide a professional supply and installation service for electric car charging points across Sussex and beyond. We work with a wide range of electric car chargers including smart home chargers - all sourced from leading manufacturers. Our team install commercial and domestic charging points, in homes and businesses and installation is relatively quick – usually completed in approximately 3 hours (time may vary if a particularly complex installation). Our professional installers will mount your new charge point to the specified external wall and safely connect it to the mains electricity supply.

As a company we are dedicated to reducing our own carbon footprint and aim to be carbon neutral by 2025. Renewable energy has never been more accessible and the rise in electrical vehicles is testament to this. Together we will help you reduce your carbon footprint by using greener and more efficient energy solutions.

OLEV Grant

The OLEV Grant is a government backed grant provided by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles specifically for electric car home chargers. You can receive up to £350 off the cost of a home charging point and this covers both the installation and purchase of the charger. Two charge points per household can be claimed or one per eligible vehicle (most electric cars and plug-in hybrid cars are covered by this).

The OLEV also offer a Workplace Charging Scheme Grant (WCS) where any business, public authority or charity can claim up to £350 off the purchase and installation cost of workplace charging points (covering up to 40 sockets). The team at Southern Energy Solutions will happily provide advice and guidance on the OLEV Grant.

Do Electric Cars Take Long to Charge?

There are different factors that affect the charging times for electric cars. Some take as little as 30 minutes, others more than 12 hours. Charging time depends upon the vehicle itself, its battery size, and the power of the installed charging point. Generally speaking, an average electric car with a 60kWh battery will take around 8 hours to charge from empty to full using a standard 7Kw charging point.

For a competitively priced, professional installation service for your electric vehicle charging point contact Southern Energy Solutions for more information and start your journey to reducing your carbon footprint today.

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The Renewable Heat Incentive

The government-backed Renewable Heat Incentive is a financial incentive to promote and encourage the use and uptake of renewable heat technologies. If you are eligible for the incentive you will receive payments over a period of seven years for the amount of clean, green renewable heat your technology produces. For more information on the incentive please contact the Southern Energy Solutions team.

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