Finance Plans

At Southern Energy Solutions we understand that not all of our customers have the money to spend when their boiler breaks down unexpectedly. This is why we have created these finance packages which offer the best value for money for our customers and means that you don’t have to wait until payday to get your new, super efficient boiler installed!

Spread the cost over two years!

  • Zero deposit required.
  • 19.9% APR.
  • Over 24 months.

Ideal for customers who want a new boiler/heating system with low monthly payments but don’t have the disposable income to purchase their boiler now or in the near future.

Interest Free for 12 months!

  • Zero deposit required.
  • 0% APR.
  • Over 12 months.

Ideal for customers who want to delay payment and enjoy the benefits of paying zero interest! *Must have an ATAG One fitted or equivalent, also includes the first years boiler service.

The Three Year Plan.

  • Zero deposit required.
  • 9.9% APR.
  • Over 36 months.

The perfect fit for customers who don’t have the cash to pay out now and want low monthly repayments without paying too much interest.