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Ground source heat pumps are extremely energy efficient and will lower your carbon emissions immensely.

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Do you have spare land that you could be utilising to heat your home?

If you have spare land on your property, why not make the most of it and use it as a source of renewable energy? You could lower your fuel bills by installing a ground source heat pump to heat your home and provide you with hot water. Ground source heat pumps are extremely energy efficient and will lower your carbon emissions immensely.

They are a fantastic addition, especially when replacing an oil or gas boiler. They will remove nasty smells and inefficient energy supply, whilst providing a reliable, long-lasting solution. Do right by your property and the environment with a renewable energy alternative.

What is a Ground Source Heat Pump?

Ground source heat pumps extract natural heat from the ground and provide a renewable heat source for properties. They use pipes that are underground in your garden to extract the heat and can be used to heat radiators, underfloor heating systems, and hot water.

How does a Ground Source Heat Pump work?

A ground source heat pump circulates a mixture of water and antifreeze around a ground loop buried in your garden. The fluid passes through a compressor which increases the temperature, which can then heat water for the heating and hot water circuits within the property.

The entire system is powered by electricity so whilst a ground source heat pump still generates carbon emissions, it is significantly less than those associated with conventional types of heating. If you are using a form of renewable electricity generation, the running costs will be even lower.

A typical pump is the size of a large fridge. It is best installed close to collector pipes – you may wish to have it installed in an outbuilding or basement.

What are the benefits of a Ground Source Heat Pump?

  • Lower carbon emissions – Replacing your conventional heating will lower your property’s carbon emissions. It is an extremely efficient system.
  • Lower fuel bills – Conventional heating methods can be expensive to heat your property. Ground source heat pumps provide a low-cost energy system to expensive fuel such as electricity, LPG, oil, or coal. Dependent on the fuel you are replacing, you could save up to £1,485. (figures from Energy Saving Trust). You will compensate yourself for the installation costs in savings over the years.
  • Minimal maintenance required – Once installed, there is very little maintenance required other than the recommended annual service. Heat pumps are a long-term solution - usually, lasting around 20+ years.
  • Renewable Heat Incentive – This is a UK Government scheme that offers financial incentives for property owners who use environmentally friendly, renewable heat technologies. You could be eligible for payments between £2,405 and £2,830 per year.

About Southern Energy Solutions

We are a professional heat pump installer offering a range of ground source heat pumps for all properties. We also offer air source heat pumps for your home or business. We can discuss which option best suits your needs when you get in touch. We will offer a unique solution that considers the available space within your property.

Providing our clients with the most suitable sustainable energy solutions is always our priority. As a company, we are aiming to be carbon neutral by 2025. We can find the right renewable energy source for your property, allowing you to reduce your carbon footprint. We will help you with all of the associated paperwork and can provide you with an ongoing maintenance package.

To discuss a ground source heat pump or any of our renewable energy sources – please just get in touch.

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The Renewable Heat Incentive

The government-backed Renewable Heat Incentive is a financial incentive to promote and encourage the use and uptake of renewable heat technologies. If you are eligible for the incentive you will receive payments over a period of seven years for the amount of clean, green renewable heat your technology produces. For more information on the incentive please contact the Southern Energy Solutions team.

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