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Power Flushing

Power Flushing

If your central heating system isn’t working as efficiency as it should or suffers from the following problems it might need a power flush:

  • Hot water temperature has reduced
  • Your boiler overheats or shuts off
  • The boiler pump becomes noisy
  • Radiators develop hot spots, i.e. only the top half works or a radiators stops working
  • Your heating system takes longer to heat up

Over time sludge, oil, grease and rust can build up in the system and can lead to many problems. Power flushing cleanses the system and usually results in better performance which means your system will perform better meaning more money in your pocket. We are even happy to show you the sludge leaving your system!

Power flushing is particularly good for older systems. It is also good when you have a new boiler fitted as it will avoid sludge flowing into your new boiler. This will extend the life of a new boiler. We recommend that a power flush is carried out every seven years.

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