Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is the perfect way to heat your home. Safe, effective and energy efficient, it will provide warmth to the entire room using only a network of pipes or cables underneath the floor.

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This in turn frees up your wall space and heats your room evenly, maintaining a comfortable and even heat temperature throughout. Imagine the feeling of waking up to warm tiles under your feet – a luxury that adds comfort to your home as well as saving you money on energy bills.  

Underfloor heating is a desirable choice for homes and can add value to the properties monetary value. Cost-effective and simple to control, it is approximately 15% cheaper to run over a conventional heating system. Offering ultimate flexibility, independent controls can be installed for different rooms and a range of sources including oil boilers and renewable energy sources can be used to heat the system.

Benefits of Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating offers homes a whole suite of benefits. These include:

  • Covering a large surface area, it is more efficient than standard wall hung radiators
  • Requires lower temperatures than conventional radiators and subsequently less energy, saving you money on energy bills
  • The heat is distributed from the ground up, meaning no hot or cold spots in the room
  • You gain more space as walls are left clear of radiators.
  • Little maintenance is required and your heating will be covered by a full guarantee
  • Simple & easy to control using a remote control or smart app
  • Ability to be heated using oil boilers, gas boilers, solid fuel or renewable sources
  • Heat is retained more easily than radiators due to the floor surface
  • Installation can be independent in different rooms and controlled independently

Southern Energy Solutions

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Southern Energy Solutions are professional underfloor heating installers based in Battle, East Sussex. We are a local, independent business who value customer service, and we work with customers on a personal, one-to-one basis.

We are passionate about renewable energy and our goal is to be carbon neutral by 2025. Our team provide greener energy solutions to help people across the South East power their homes.

Working on large and small projects, from entire homes to single rooms. We appreciate that every project is unique and we always ensure the best use of space is achieved. Working with you from start to finish, our aftercare department will be ready to assist with paperwork and on-going maintenance.

All electrical work is carried out in accordance with the 17th Edition IEE wiring regulation BS7671 and our team of qualified and certified electrical engineers deliver the highest quality workmanship using industry leading, innovative products.

For more information please contact Southern Energy Solutions and we can arrange a home visit or a quotation for you to consider.

Start your journey to reducing your carbon footprint!

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The Renewable Heat Incentive

The government-backed Renewable Heat Incentive is a financial incentive to promote and encourage the use and uptake of renewable heat technologies. If you are eligible for the incentive you will receive payments over a period of seven years for the amount of clean, green renewable heat your technology produces. For more information on the incentive please contact the Southern Energy Solutions team.

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